Friday, May 27, 2016

Grand Theft Auto V Downloader [ Brand New ] 2014 [ MediaFire ]

Grand Theft Auto V Downloader [ Brand New ] 2014

note : make sure that you have installed the net framework 4

Yes, it is true we are giving away the EXCLUSIVE LIMITED GTA 5 DOWNLOADER to you guys.

After a dl with the developers of GTA, Rockstar Games, we are getting a supply of Downloader from Rockstar. We have alrdy given away around 780 Downloader. We have decided to share all these Downloader to with all the loyal fans of the game. As long as you see this, it mns we still have the Downloader. So get your Downloader before they finish :)

Rockstar is giving out these Downloader as they have to test GTA V before publishing as GTA IV had a lot of bugs when it was relsed so this time they are doing many tests and need our help. Plse report all bugs to their email.

Plse run the file as ADMIN. It helps to solve many common errors.
If this still doesn't work, plse send me a PM and I will personally enable it for you.

PLSE LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE to get all the latest updates as soon as we relse them.


Download now the RL GTA 5 game the RL GTA 5 and i am giving it for free, enjoy!!!
All other s are fake or full of viruses, this is the only one what works now!
Download it now and enjoy !
Watch the TUT at YouTube Here

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