Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD CSI: Hidden Crimes APK ( Mod )

DOWNLOAD CSI: Hidden Crimes APK ( Mod )

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! You are now the most promising CSI DB Russell.
Look beyond the glamor of Sin City for clues , analyze evidence and solve exciting business !

CSI : Crime hidden is a hidden object game where you will find the atmosphere of the famous television series in the fingertips . Tm with CSI : Crime Scene Investigation crew to fight crime in Las Vegas!

• Free hidden object game •
Discover and explore a crime scene , the process for clues , analyze - use your brain to repair all the items and get a criminal on the streets of Las Vegas. Logic and observation will be your talent !

• show • rl experience
CSI: Hidden crimes is written by CSI : Crime Scene Investigation Gutowitz writer Jack .
Feel the excitement of being in a case , seek glory in a game-changing situation , the launch tm with friends to advance faster in the game and put murderers behind bars. But be careful , as with any episode, the unexpected can always happen!

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