Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD Hidden Object Mystery Guardian APK ( Mod )

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The Guardians mystery "is a must-have for all fans of hidden object fun!

This awesome game ftures:

Explore a world of mystery beyond your imagination
-30 Awesome levels mysterious
Find all unique items in 30 levels of fine workmanship.
BLITZ Tempo and Mode Super Challenge!
3 different modes of play, but also fun! Try ch of them and test your skills hidden object adventure!
Find items in 3 different ways
-Photos! Children friendly Fashion
-Silhouettes! Difficult Silhouettes and Shadows!
Traditional! We give you a word, you can find this item!

See if you can find them all!

Forget all the point and click adventures and delve into the mysterious world of hidden objects!

Download "The Mystery Guardian" NOW to explore and advance the adventure filled inside!

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