Friday, May 27, 2016


Meet Red Mobile takes the smallest swimming competitions of the highest burden of proof national rating in the country, and offers sy access to meet the programs without paper in force worldwide, including ht lves, psychology and results rl time. Meet mobile download now follow your favorite swimmers and swimming competitions .

Meet transforms the mobile experience for those who love swimming , swimmers , coaches and meet similar hosts :

- FANS: The results are now free for all senses ! Anywhere , anytime. Get results in rl time to their favorite tms and swimmers, even if you're not at the meeting . Instantly Share swimmer results by e-mail , messaging , Facebook or Twitter.

- POOL : Meet Mobile use to check the possible events and missions ht and channels so you do not have to srch for programs never met.

- COACHES: Use the appliion to track when and where ch swimmer should be.

- MEET HOSTS : Answer these sheets and results of ht common questions before they are asked . Parents , swimmers and fans can get information in rl time, when they need it , wherever they are .

Tell the meeting host to upgrade to the latest version of HY -TEK Meet Manager 4.0 and publish the ada of the meeting to respond to Mobile.

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