Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD Pocket Yoga APK ( Mod )

DOWNLOAD Pocket Yoga APK ( Mod )

The practice of yoga is beneficial if done on a regular basis. With Pocket Yoga you can keep your practice at your own pace and schedule in the comfort of your own home . Simply set your Android device in front of your mat, start a practice, and Pocket Yoga will guide you through your entire session.

Choose from three different practices, 3 different difficulty levels and three different durations. A total of 27 different sessions!

Practices in Pocket Yoga are the unique and original crtive design of the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga .


• Detailed voice and visual instruction guides you through every pose , including ch inhalation and exhalation.
• Over 175 butifully illustrated represent s with correct posture and alignment .
• Dictionary of poses containing descriptions and benefits of ch posture.
• Unlock new environments as you progress on your journey of yoga.
• a quick overview of a practice to see if it fits before .
• Maintains a permanent record of all your yoga practices to track your progress.
• Practices designed by experienced yoga instructors .
• Ability to play music from your music library instd of the default music .

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