Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD Prognosis : Diabetes ANDROID APK ( Mod )

From the crtors of prognosis : diagnosis - the # 1 free medical app with over 1.5 million downloads, just forecast : Diabetes - in the same format based on simple and fun cases.

Forecast : Diabetes contains 14 cases of diabetes - the initial presentation, acute and chronic compliions of diabetes during pregnancy.

The cases are an excellent preparation for the USMLE Step 2 CS , comlex , NCLEX , CCRN and M exams , and other board exams and licensure.

The cases are also an excellent introduction to the diabetes clinic for anyone interested in the field.

ch case can be completed in minutes , so it is an idl for quick review or last minute tool.

The content is based on rl life patients , was controlled by a group of medical specialists and experts is based on current management guidelines .

Disses involved :

1. The maturity of the Young Diabetes
Two . secondary diabetes
Three . Diabetes before pregnancy
April . gestational diabetes
May . hypoglycemia
6. Hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state
7. Diabetic ketoacidosis
8. Diabetic retinopathy
9. diabetic Neuropathy
10. Diabetic nephropathy
11. Peripheral vascular disse
12. Silent myocardial infarction
13 . The diabetic foot ulcers
14 . Vaginal candidiasis
15 . diabetic mastopathy

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