Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD Tales of Valhalla APK ( Mod )

DOWNLOAD Tales of Valhalla APK ( Mod )

Get classic paper card system most anticipated games !

epic Adventures
Masterpiece of epic fantasy takes you to Valhalla, Einherjar the country and unlsh its caller powers.
Revling the secret world tree Yggdrasil, explore amazing dungeons, find ledary trsures and save the world of Ragnarok, all up to you !

Traditional roles
9 races , more than 300 classic papers , exquisite cards are assigned to her what you want!
Collect , upgrade and evolve ! Make your drm tm to win !
Ledary heroes , monsters and old tlemen! Immortal Einherjars give their full loyalty to you !

splendid battles
Turn-based battles and rl-time passion explode!
Brthtaking special effects and thrilling battle experience !
Struggle to be the king of the sand!

system difficult
Develop strategies to win battles , cross the Rubicon and tactics talent show !
Accompanying support equipment are struggling with your friends !
Resource management , composition of the fragments , daily rewards , varied game , just play the way you want!

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