Friday, May 27, 2016


At the time ** vision
Loss ** your rding glasses and delay the need for
See better at night **
Rd more ** in the dark
Improve Vision ** and everyday tasks

Average Customer ULTIMEYES ® ended ULTIMEYES ® program can rd two lines on the Snellen chart above experience and 100 % incrse in contrast sensitivity .

Any improvement in vision by natural mns and alleviate the need for visual aids including eyeglasses can benefit from ULTIMEYES ® .

ULTIMEYES ® works by causing brain plasticity . Brain plasticity is the same natural process that widely practiced stroke and traumatic brain injury therapies enabled victims lost motor skills recover. What's ULTIMEYES ® brkthrough is that active brain plasticity that occurs in the visual processing center of the brain. The result is an improvement in the vision of a safe non-invasive and sy to use

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