Friday, May 27, 2016

DOWNLOAD Word Monsters APK ( Mod )

DOWNLOAD Word Monsters APK ( Mod )

Competitive SUPER UE! As of now, the two best players in ch division are promoted - and four players level decrses again! Start dragging the words to reserve your spot!

Word up, word Monsters! Be free social word with your friends and compete with players around the world to see who is the monster above them all! And for the first two weeks, getting a delicious 40% off all cookies and pieces!

Play with your friends! Challenge your friends and see who can slide under the words in the shortest time possible!

TONS OF ITEMS! Enjoy over 25 songs full of related, or unlock more words - you win or buy!

SMART PARTY! Monsters pun to their level to build your score ELO!

Challenge the world! Compete with players from their own or from other linguistic groups and work your way up the world rankings!

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