Friday, May 27, 2016

International Boxing Champions - For Android

International Boxing Champions
Compete online to win prizes with Skillz!
Heyzap enabled. Now you can test your scores against everyone in the world.
Your victories will be scored on Points, Combos, Aggression, Time, Arrogance, Old School, Flawless and Damage taken. Upload to Heyzap to see how good you rlly are!
Pocket-Change enabled, now every time you play you'll rn points towards rl rewards, from an amazon gift card to an xBox or Bts hd!
Online Multiplayer beta live now! and the server is currently unlocked!
No required!
3 game
288 Medals
5 UPS power supply
9 Super Combo
Low graphics and sound options, low-power mobile phone.
Classic arcade action.
Download Now !

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