Friday, May 27, 2016

Rl Drift Car Racing Apk Full Data

Get rdy to drive high performance cars (turbo or naturally aspirated) and high speed on tracks that derive specifically designed for drift racing.
rn extra money from your talents and driver and use to customize your car body color, pattern wheels, rims color.
Race to combat world record online ranking or just for fun in the new freeride mode.

• The drift racing simulation rlistic 3D on mobile devices;
• sy operation by supporting innovative drift control;
• Drift with customizable: full support for total control;
• Customizable gameplay;
• Customizable cars: You can change the color of the body, model and color change wheels rims;
• rlistic simulation of all aspects (engine, transmission, tires, etc.) of the vehicle;
• The whistle sound for ch specific motor car with turbo and return valve;
• Backfire effects with sounds;
• The specific points calculation: rn points by drifting at high speed, the high drift angle and for the first time by touching the light walls in a drift;
Challenge • Online and local classifiion to your friends and people around the world;
• Big drive train included to drive to improve your skills and race;
• 3D quality graphics;
• Cool-band dubstep Liquid Stranger and simplify Recordings.

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