Friday, May 27, 2016

Road Warrior - For Android

FREE for a limited time only! Road Warrior was a finalist on 2012 Unity Awards!
Road Warrior is an addicting multiplayer combat racing game! Race against opponents and shoot them with your guns.

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Gain respect to race against bosses. Bt them and you will get their extremely tuned racing & killing machines!

+ Online multiplayer: racing and shooting against up to 7 players!

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+ Execute perfect flips and stunts to gain coins and nitro boosts.

+ Multiple car options from sedans to massive monster trucks and GT racing cars!

+ Different types of races: from plain asphalt for extreme speeds to bumpy rally roads for adrenaline rushes.
 All set to fill your need for speed!

+ Precise controls and amazing physics with rl racing world parameters like engine power, racing drag, suspension stiffness and much more.
+ Join the racing Thunder Warriors!

+ Rlistic and impressive HD graphics!

+ Super addictive & fast paced!

Road Warrior Reviews:

Pocket Gamer: "Mobjoy flips the re, adding tricks for its free 2D iPhone vehicle combat game Road Warrior"

Game Zebo: "[Road Warrior] is a 2D, post-apocalyptic version of Mario Kart"

App Spy: "Start collecting better vehicles and powerful wponry, it's a blast to rip cars to shreds while rning piles of cash"

Android Tapp: "Road Warrior is a full-throttle racing game for Android. It is similar in re to the Moto Xtreme -style rs; 2D jumping, flipping and trying to land the right way up. We reviewed the likes of Zombie Rider and Turbo Grannies and this of the same ilk… only with guns and as many spills and thrills as you can handle…"

Androidified :"If you have alrdy played the games like Turbo Grannies then you are bound to love this game as there is even more action and thrill in this game. You will have a thrilling experience as you will rush through challenging tracks with energetic game music. The graphics and special effects are simply amazing. There are very few 2D car racing games in the android market which have good graphics and Road Warrior is one such game."

Phandroid: "Like Mario Kart but in a dirty, post-apocalyptic setting, players outfit various hoop-rides — everything from sedans to trucks — with wpons upgrades they can use to eliminate the competition. But that’s not all. Using physics based gameplay, players can perform stunts while soaring through the air for added bonus points and even nitrous used to give you an edge over the competition."

Appcial: The graphics of this game are rlistic and impressive. If you are a fan of Mario Kart, and crave a more violent, and intense way of gameplay, then this game will satisfy you needs."

Android Zoom: "When there are no rules on how a race must be, it becomes way more interesting.
That's the case on Road Warrior. You have to finish the race first to get the highest score, no matter what mns you use to achieve it."

Developed by Mobjoy: Top Free Apps and Games


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