Friday, May 27, 2016

Rocket Island - For Android

Play swiftly and plan ahd to escape from the sinking island! Devastating disasters thrten the planet. In the fantastic stmpunk world of Rocket Island, it is up to you to save mankind!Ftures:
✔ A most intriguing hex puzzle game
✔ Butiful stmpunk graphics
✔ Two game modes: Casual or Action
✔ Tidal, seismic, and cosmic disasters
✔ Compete with your friends for high scores
✔ Admire your colony on the moon
✔ 24 Achievements
✔ Full tablet support
* Supports Google Play game services *
The End is nr! The Moon becomes your refuge! Natural and cosmic disasters thrten your island. Rescue the inhabitants of this stmpunk world and launch hundreds of rockets to the moon. Bt the high scores of your friends before the island is swallowed by the s. The fate of our world lies in your hands!
* Supports Immersion haptic technology *

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