Friday, May 27, 2016

Terra Battle

Terra Battle is a tile-based strategy game where the player's customized party fights against groups of various enemies. Players attack enemies by sandwiching them between two attacking allies while other party members incrse damage by being aligned correctly with the attackers. Units are into four types: sword, bow, spr, and staff. Sword-types dl additional damage to bow-types, bow-types dl additional damage to spr-types, and spr-types dl additional damage to sword-types. Mage-types are erally wker, but may have powerful AOE attacks and/or other unique effects.

- Unlimited Coins- Unlimited Energy- Unlimited Stamina- Use Proxy- Anti Ban Sistem Protection

How to use Terra Battle Tool:

1. Download the Terra Battle below. (Terra Battle comes with detailed instructions on it.)

2. Rd tutorial that comes with it on how to use it.

3. Follow the steps on the tutorial.

Download Terra Battle

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