Friday, May 27, 2016

Track My Walks GPS Walking - For Android ( 2014)

Track My Walks - Lets you msure how far you ran/walked, track your walking distance, speed, time, and calories ed and store a record of your daily workouts to stay fit.Track your walks is the best way to maintain a walking schedules. Use Track My Walks app and msure your walking route and calculate your ed calories per session. Track ch walks and use this for memories of ch walk.
Track My Walks App Ftures
• Keep track of your daily walks by time, distance and speed
• Track of per day calories ed by ch walks
• Background Tracking - gives you option to track your walk in background
• You can manually add you route ,time etc
• Get notifiions by distance you set from the settings
• You can save your daily run/walk routes
• Take pictures on the go with inbuilt camera fture
• Daily and Monthly information of ch walk sessions
• Share your walks with other friends on your facebook profile
Use this pedometer app to help you track your current route or get map directions of past walk routes, you can take pictures on the go to memorize and share with others on your facebook profile sily.
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrse battery life.
Isn’t it grt!!! Get this app and track, analyze and share your daily walk activities.
Track My Walks appliion is in a state of continuous development and will have more ftures as soon as possible.
We appreciate your feedback. We are constantly working on making the content and functionality of our apps better.

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