Friday, May 27, 2016

Typing Tutor Free Download Full Version With

Typing master v 8.0Ftures:
Typing Lessons:1-Typing lessons for home , neighbor , capitalization, punctuation, s and more
10 pad lessons
2-sy-to-use wizard guides you through typing lessons
3-board highlighting shows correct finger placement
4-Identifies troublesome words and characters where you need more practice
5-Sound and color highlighting notify you of mistakes
6-Practice exercises on trouble words, drills, prose and poems
7-Dictation audio exercises for transcription practice
8-Import custom lessons, drills, and speed tests
Typing Games:1-Two different games make typing fun
2-Lrn to rd ahd while typing using Word Blizzard
3-Incrse your speed using 30 Seconds to Type
Typing Tests:1-Initial skills test to determine current level
2-Test typing skills at various interval durations
3-Calculates net and gross words per minute WPM, or per minute KPM on the 10 pad
4-Includes typing games to practice typing skills
5-Printable course completion certifies
Compatibility:Typing master v 8.0supports : XP, Vista, 7 and 8
DownloadTyping master v 8.0:DownloadTyping master v 8.0, it's free forever.Typing master v 8.0Download Full Ver. From Here
Typing master v 8.0Q&A:Typing master is a free software for lrning computer typing. Free download Typing master full version software
Typing master software designed for lrning touch typing, 10 and speed typing.
Perfect for people of all skill levels
Improve and test your typing speed and accuracy
Lrn to type effectively and efficiently in no timeTyping master v 8.0History:23/05/2014 RelsedTyping master v 8.0publicly.30/08/2012

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