Friday, May 27, 2016

You Have 1 Lost Message On Facebook

An email which claims to come from Facebook:Notifies you about 1 Lost message on Facebook and gives you a link to recover the lost message.
Message looks like:

Rlity:With the incrse of of users in Facebook, incrsing are the of spam emails, hoax status and fake chain messages. This is just an addition to the list, but might make more of people victim of this, being send as email. Rlity is Facebook has yet, never send anyone such email with lost message link. If one click the link, he is directed to one or other website showing ads and (products purchase) too, depending on there loion. In some casesm it take the user to fake login page (phising) too. This email is nothing more than spam, just delete it and inform others too about it. One funny thing to prove about it is, check spelling of “receive” in the above screenshot its is “recieve”, so spammers forgot to have a dictionary check over here,facebook has sent you a notifiion you have 1 lost message on facebook,how to find lost messages on facebook,mhow to recover lost messages on facebook.29/10/2012

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