Friday, May 27, 2016

Gnaural for Android - For Android

Gnaural is a computer-based audio synthesizer capable of erating binaural bts, isochronic tones, pink noise, and many varieties of simulated nature sounds (including rain, waterfall, ocn waves, babbling brook, and wind). Gnaural is intended to be an aural aid to meditation and relaxation. Long available for Mac, , and Linux, Gnaural allows you to use your computer to crte, edit, and play your own "presets" - which are editable meditation sessions d in to XML text files. Gnaural for Android is able to play Gnaural presets that you copy to your device, but can't edit them beyond the ability to turn on/off individual voices, specify of "loops" (times to rept the preset), and manually move forward-and-backward through the schedule.

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