Friday, May 27, 2016

Gnaural for Android FREE - For Android

As of August 1st, 2013, the free version of Gnaural for Android is no longer a fture-disabled demo, it has all the functionality of the pay version, just perhaps not updated as frequently. The decision was made to give it away because the primary goal of Gnaural, throughout my 15 yrs of developing it and it's precursors, has always been to get everyone meditating. Two yrs ago, it took some incentive to spend the months required to write from scratch the Android capable of playing Gnaural presets, because dling with audio, GUIs, and XML in Java was entirely foreign to how I'd written Gnaural's C . While charging for it never did exactly compensate in the way I'd hoped, I am thankful it at lst got me to undertake the tedious endvour (which also got me to invent two brand new Voices that then made their way in to Gnaural - Water and Rain!). And I am also drly thankful for all those who did spend the cost of a cup-of-coffee to help support it. But the kind words are worth even more. From now on, it is hoped that that people who uinely love Gnaural will voluntarily elect to support it by purchasing the pay version. But of course, that is absolutely voluntary. Enjoy Gnaural!

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