Friday, May 27, 2016

HIIT for SmartWatch 2 - For Android ( 2014)

SmartWatch 2 extension appliions Caynax HIIT .
To accomplish this extension, you need SmartWatch 2 and the base of the HIIT Caynax (free or PRO ) appliion.

Caynax HIIT - High Intensity timer exercises as Tabata interval training , cardio, etc.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT ) , also known as high-intensity intermittent exercise ( Hiie ) or running interval training is an intense form of enhanced alternating short interval training , periods of exercise strategy of anaerobic exercise with periods of less intense recovery . HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. HIIT sessions may vary from the usual 9-20 minutes. These short , intense workouts offer a better ability and athleticism , improve glucose metabolism and enhances fat ing.

HIIT session consists of a warm-up , followed by six to ten repetitions of high intensity exercise , separated by medium intensity exercise , and ending with a cool-down exercise period . The high intensity exercise should be done at nr maximum intensity . Yr half intensity should be approximately 50%. The of repetitions and length of ch depends on the exercise. The goal is to do at lst six cycles , and to have the entire HIIT session last at lst fifteen minutes and not more than twenty .

There is no specific formula for HIIT . Depending on your level of cardiovascular development, moderate intensity level can be as slow as walking.
The original protocol set a 2:1 ratio of work to recovery periods , for example, 30 to 40 seconds of hard sprinting alternated with 15-20 seconds of jogging or walking.

HIIT is considered an excellent way to maximize a workout that is limited in time.

Due to the intensity of the exercise of this type of training is not for everyone. You should consult :
- Hlth Doctor to determine if you are able to perform this type of exercise
- Professional trainer to crte training program for you.

You can use this appliion to practice as Tabata, fartlek , Kettlebell , jumping rope , meditation , yoga and other fitness exercises that could use the timer .

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